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I'm a Customer. What are some safety tips i can follow to hire a Service?

 1. Speak to the Service Provider on the phone

Speaking to the Service Provider on the Phone will help you get a feel whether they have sufficient knowledge about the job or if they sound suspicious.

Before you hire a Service Provider for a Job, ask them questions about the job, if you feel they are not up to Par, you are the Boss, you don't have to hire them.

2. Confirm the identity of the Service Provider

When you hire a Service Provider for your Job Request, ask for details, such as:

  • Names of the Service Provider and Individuals that are doing the Job
  • The number of people that will be completing the job

Check their Reviews and Profile.

When the Service Provider shows up to complete your Job Requests, check their identity and that they match with what you asked.

If possible, have other people with you while the Service Provider is there to complete your Job Request.

If you are unsure of their identity, don't feel obligated to let them in.

3. Set a sensible time for the Service Provider to complete your Job Request

Always arrange for jobs that are to be carried out during normal working hours. Do not hire service providers who wants to carry out your job request late at night.

4. Emergency Procedure

In case of an emergency or if you feel threatened and unsafe, always contact the emergency hotline first.

Contact Numbers for Emergency:


  • Ambulance - 991
  • Police - 993
  • Fire & Rescue- 995
  • Search & Rescue - 998


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